Carl Gripenstedt – Equality Champion, Ace Charity Donor and Mindroom Friend


Carl GripenstedtIt is with huge sadness, and not a little disbelief, that we learn of the sudden death of Carl Gripenstedt – an early supporter of Mindroom.

Carl founded and was Chairman of Lifestyle Fitness/Competition Line, a very successful family business and UK leader in ‘premium’ low cost fitness clubs and fitness centres. Carl was an absolute believer in equality and practiced this belief and innate conviction in both his private as well as his business life. He had the ability to move mountains, and so he did for Mindroom at a crucial time when we set up our Direct Help and Support division. Thanks to Carl, and his company’s, phenomenal fundraising efforts back in 2006, we were able to take a big leap forward and help so many more children and their families. Thank you Carl from all of us at Mindroom. It was such fun working with you!