Diagnosed with autism?



Mindroom is a key partner, together with NHS Lothian and the University of Edinburgh, in the Salvesen Mindroom Centre (SMC).  The SMC is a new Scottish centre launched with the ambitious aim of understanding and resolving learning difficulties.

Our partners are working with the team responsible for the Autism Diagnostic Schedule (ADOS). ADOS is an assessment process that can be used to determine whether a child, young person or adult has autism spectrum disorder. Professionals who use the ADOS assessment process are given comprehensive training that includes a series of films showing best practice in carrying out the assessment.

As the ADOS Consortium now wishes to develop ADOS-2, and to update the training films, we have been asked to help identify families who have a child from birth to age 12 with a diagnosis of autism, and who would be willing to be filmed as they go through the ADOS assessment process. Families who have already experienced ADOS would be most welcome to participate.

The ADOS Consortium offers each person with autism who takes part a £20 voucher. This is a way for the Consortium to offer at least a small recognition of the time and effort that families are prepared to invest in this important contribution to the continuing improvement of autism diagnosis. Thank you for any help you can provide to our partners in the SMC.

Further Information

If you, or a family you know, would be interested in finding out more, or to take part, please contact Donna O’Brien on 0I31 536 0827 or email donna.obrien@ed.ac.uk.