Exploring Transitions Survey


The Scottish Government has commissioned ARC Scotland to map the availability of planning and support for people aged 14 - 25 years who have additional support needs in Scotland.

A central part of the work is to ask young people and their parents/carers about their experiences during this important time of their lives.  To do this, they have developed two surveys, one for young people and the other for parents and carers.  

Findings of the work  will be published in early 2017.  This will help the Scottish Government, local authorities, and other organisations to make decisions about how support can be improved for people with additional needs that are in ‘transition’ to young adult life.

The surveys should take between 10 – 30 minutes and must be completed by Friday 11 November 2016.  Participants won't be asked their name or address, and nobody will be able to identify them as the person who filled out the survey.

The parents and carers survey can be accessed here:
(This survey is for parents or unpaid carers of a young person with additional support needs between the ages of 14 and 25 years)

The young person's survey can be accessed here:
(This survey is for young people between 14 and 25 years old who have one or more additional need, like learning disability, autism, physical or sensory disability)

It is fine for participants to ask someone to help them fill out this survey.

ARC Scotland facilitates the Scottish Transitions Forum.  This is a national network with over 550 members that aims to improve the experience of people with additional support needs,particularly those with high support needs, as they go through life transitions.  The forum is responsible for the publication ‘Principles of Good Transitions.’

You can find out more about the Scottish Transitions Forum and links to the surveys here: