Helen Bateman Shoes.


 'Bags of Gratitude'.Helen Bateman shoes and Mindroom logo.

"Whilst the mandatory carrier bag charge is an important step towards some form of balanced environmental responsibility, I will not hold back in wishing that you all forget to bring The Bag For Life when you go shopping.  Every time. And especially when you go to Helen Bateman’s wonderful shoe emporium in William Street here in Edinburgh.

It is simple – Mindroom receives 5p for every elegant Helen Bateman bag bought.  And we need every single penny we can get.  We are a small independent Scottish charity committed to raising awareness of all kinds of learning difficulties (ADHD, autism, dyslexia, OCD, Tourette syndrome etc).  We also provide tailored support to anyone who needs it.  For free and for as long as it takes.  Given that there are at least 5 children in every school class who have some form of learning difficulty, you can imagine how important our work is – and how overwhelmed we are by demand for help from desperate families.

Helen and I have known each other since 2000 when my son James, then 13, went into the newly opened Helen Bateman shop and asked if he could buy a voucher for his mother for Christmas.  That £10 voucher was the beginning of a wonderful friendship as well as a fab, fun and inspirational collaboration between beauty (Helen’s shoes) and a vision of a world in which every child and adult living with a learning difficulty gets the recognition and help they need (Mindroom).

Helen promptly created the label Helen Bateman for Mindroom and designed as many as 5 pairs of shoes over the years in aid of Mindroom.  She set up a pop up shop at our first world conference (over 1000 delegates form 21 countries) See The Bigger Picture (2003)  and although the subject matter was very serious, Helen and her shoes were a knock out hit.  Since then, Helen has a huge fan base in Sweden (where I come from) and has overtaken both ABBA and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in terms of star status over there.  Helen’s first Mindroom shoe, sold at the conference, was so popular that I remember two teachers from Cambridge who were both desperate for a pair, decided to share them as they had the same shoe size!

And that brings us back to the bags – except I desperately don’t want you to share a bag, nor bring one with you.  Every bag you buy makes a difference! Thank you!"

Sophie Dow, Founder, Mindroom

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