Keeping a paper trail


Many of the parents and carers calling Mindroom are struggling with similar issues, whether that might be around the delays in obtaining a diagnosis, or ensuring that appropriate support is in place for their child. Issues often seem to arise when agreed actions are not followed through, resulting in all sorts of upsets, frustrations and disappointments. If there is one piece of advice we can offer to parents/carers of children with Additional Support Needs of any kind, it’s to build a folder for your child where you keep a paper trail in date order. This includes medical information, school reports, and basically anything related to your child’s education. If you have a conversation in person, or by phone, we always suggest summarising this and putting it in writing by email or on paper e.g. “I thought it might be useful to jot down/email my understanding of our discussion. Thank you for arranging/agreeing to contact/ensuring that.......” Keep a copy to add to your own records.

Why do we suggest doing so?

Everyone is so busy these days that, with the best will in the world, it’s easy to forget to do something! Keeping track of information in this way should act as a useful reminder to keep on top of matters. As we know from experience, if agreed actions are not followed up as expected, time can slip by all too fast. By having this file as a reminder to refer to, it is easier to keep on top of matters and issue prompts for action if need be – and hopefully help avoid small issues becoming much bigger ones!