What we do

Our vision is a country in which all adults and children with learning difficulties receive the recognition and help they need. At the Salvesen Mindroom Centre, we’re working towards that vision in a number of ways.

We provide one-to-one support for families affected, offer help and advice for individuals and organisations who work with people with learning difficulties, and strive to increase knowledge and understanding among policymakers.

We do so locally, nationally and internationally, by:

  • Improving lives directly by working on a one-to-one basis with children and families
  • Collaborating with a broad range of relevant cross-party groups
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding by producing and distributing more than 80,000 information packs
  • Providing direct learning opportunities to thousands of people through a series of conferences and workshops
  • Ensuring better informed government policy through education and political lobbying
  • Contributing to four cross-party groups and the coalition 'for Scotland's Disabled Children'
  • Liaising with other agencies and charities
  • Informing current research into teacher training to ensure that learning difficulties is a compulsory element of the course content
  • Engaging with world-leading experts in the field of learning difficulties

Please see our Strategic Plan 2019-2021 for more details