The Mindroom Master Class 2004

Nov 2004 at The London College of Fashion

The LCF generously loaned us their state of the art auditorium, The Rootstein Hopkins Space, for free.

200 John Princes St, London W1 (off Oxford st)


A delegate attending Mindroom's Masterclass 2004 described it as: "the most valuable training I could have wished for in my first year of training."

Clare Palmer Fairbairn, a teacher from Lothian in Scotland, enthused: "The masterclass provided the most amazing educational journey. The issues were of great significance and the speakers offered a wealth of real experiences and ideas which gave encouragement. The content of their lectures and advice was accessible and realistic: strategies and approaches that embodied simplicity and common sense. They encouraged us to see that by implementing the basic principles of good teaching and with the will to respond to the needs of individuals we are already on the path to success."

The Mindroom Masterclass 2004 attracted delegates of 15 nationalities. The main speakers were Dr Loretta Girocelli, Professor of Special Education at the University of Sydney, and Sam Goldstein, PhD, of the Neurology, Learning and Behaviour Centre, University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Fairbairn continues: "It was an emotional two days where I felt moved by the experiences of children and adults. However, the most overwhelming element of the conference was, for me, meeting individuals from all over the world, and feeling a sense of a shared vision - the desire to make a real difference for children."