No Mind Left Behind – Social Brain 3

March 2011, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Mindroom joined forces with Professor Christopher Gillberg once again to organise our fifth major international conference.

More than 50 world-leading experts in the field of social communication and learning difficulties presented their latest findings on the workings of the brain. They also looked at how learning difficulties such as autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD and dyslexia can best be supported every day by health and education professionals, parents and carers.

Professor Pierre Magistretti talked about the Ever Changing Brain, comedian Pelle Sandstrak took us into the complex world of Tourette syndrome and Brain Neville chose The Social Brain, autism and epilepsy for his keynote address.

Other highlights in the conference programme saw Sam Goldstein talk about resilience, Bill Colley about building bridges and safety nets, while Fiona Forbes and Prem Shah were concerned about All grown up and nowhere to go – an ADHD SOS.

Getting together
No Mind Left Behind brought together people living with learning difficulties, their parents and carers, and the professionals involved with their health, education and safety. Along with the medical professionals who are researching at an academic level, they discussed, debated, exchanged ideas and information and worked together to make a difference.

Delegates (there were more 800) told us how they were energised by the knowledge of the experts, encouraged by the difference dedicated health and education professionals can make, and inspired by the love, support and patience of families and carers.

As ever, Mindroom is constantly trying to inform a wider audience, so the whole conference was recorded and is now available online as a virtual conference.

Thank you
Mindroom was delighted to have a gold sponsor for No Mind Left Behind,in Solhagagruppen, as well as support in kind from Eagle Couriers.

Exhibitors included: Amazing Interactives Ltd, Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH), Chrysalis Professional Development, Eurospan Group, Heartspring, Janssen, Kingkraft Ltd, Logan Technologies Ltd, Mellow Parenting, Scottish Autism, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Specialisterne Scotland, The Colour Room by Styledays, The Fragile X Society, The Gallery on the Corner (Autism Ventures Scotland), The SignAlong Group, Tourette Scotland, Wisepress.