The Brain - is wider than the sky.

Mindroom was delighted to host an outdoor exhibition highlighting the beauty and complexities of the brain in, Edinburgh's St Andrew Square Gardens from 7 June - 20 July 2014.

The wonderful exhibition featured 38 stunning images (2m x 1.5m) of the brain, and highlighted how neuroscientists at the University of Edinburgh listen to and watch brains in action to improve our understanding of neurological disease.

Image of event flyer showing brain as the synaptic galaxy

"These images are simply too beautiful to be hidden away in a lab. They were created to further our understanding of the brain but they can also be viewed as stunning examples of abstract art. Our hope is that people admiring the pictures on show will also come away with a greater awareness of what it means to be affected by learning difficulties and other brain conditions".
Sophie Dow - Founder, Mindroom.

Mindroom founder Sophie Dow in front exhibition plinth

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View our images from the exhibition here.

Read the amazing press coverage:

The event was a collaboration between Mindroom, The University of Edinburgh and The Patrick Wilde Centre, and was supported by the Wellcome Trust.