None of our work would be possible without the dedicated support of volunteers, fundraisers and donors...

Everyone from the speakers at our conference who give their time for free, to the supporter whose  donation makes a world of difference to one child in the classroom. Even this website redesign is the result of major funding from The Waterloo Foundation and support from The Christina Mary Hendrie Trust.

“I am very impressed with the support that the Salvesen Mindroom Centre's team provides to hundreds of families and their children living with learning difficulties. As long-term research programmes begin to suggest that some children may benefit from new treatments, I see the Salvesen Mindroom Centre as a key partner in ensuring that families have access to the very latest research findings and studies. What is more, in my role at the University, I also see how their Vision extends to improving Policy and Practice so that one day there will truly be a ‘joined-up approach’ that enables our Community to best support those with special needs.”

Professor Sir John Savill, Professor of Experimental Medicine, Vice Principal and Head College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine’ University of Edinburgh’.

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