Case studies

Diane and Jason’s story

Diane was worried about her son, five-year-old Jason, who had been diagnosed with DCD at the severe end of the spectrum. At home, Diane saw many of the condition’s characteristics – difficulty mixing, lack of self-esteem, problems with reading and writing – but Jason’s school did not seem to recognise that he required extra help. In fact, they described Jason as a ‘bright’ boy who was coping well. Diane felt powerless and isolated, and came to The Salvesen Mindroom Centre for help.

We were immediately able to tell Diane that early diagnosis, although often alarming was, in fact, a positive, and we provided advice on how she should ensure that Jason’s additional support needs were identified and met within the education system. We also recommended further psychological assessment as DCD is a complex condition and often co-exists with other, unidentified, learning difficulties. Over time, we supported Jason’s mum by email, telephone and in person, and accompanied her to meetings with the school, education department, hospital, carers – and even her local MSP.

'The Salvesen Mindroom Centre has been our lifeline,' said Diane. “Without their help, we would not have achieved getting Jason the correct medical support and a CSP. Unfortunately we still have a long journey ahead of us with Jason’s education but we have the comfort of knowing that The Salvesen Mindroom Centre will be with us every step of the way.'

Flora's story

Flora was at rock bottom. She was in the final year of her degree, and struggling with severe hearing loss and dyslexia. She was finding it so hard, she could barely get out of bed in the morning – let alone think about studying.

Flora found out about The Salvesen Mindroom Centre from her mum and was introduced to Mig, who listened as the young student explained how things were for her, what her main difficulties were, what obstacles she was having to overcome, and how she was even thinking of quitting college.

Mig was able to provide individual support on an ongoing basis, as well as giving Flora information which meant she could ask for more help from Edinburgh College of Art. As a result, Flora was able to achieve her dream of getting a degree. She is now on the way to doing what she loves.

'If I hadn't received help from Mig, I wouldn't have been able to stay at college and finish my degree,' said Flora. “I couldn’t have done it without her.'

Mig responded: 'Congratulations to Flora for persevering and overcoming her difficulties, and getting her degree! We are delighted and proud that The Salvesen Mindroom Centre was able to help.'

Susan's story

'We were told our son probably had autism when he was just four years old – yet we only got the diagnosis when he was 12. Throughout those early years, he was not catered for in the education system. It was really devastating for us and him – bullying and difficulties with school made our lives so much harder than they should have been.

'The Salvesen Mindroom Centre and Mig came into our lives and immediately made a difference. We had been struggling with the education system and Mig was able to give specific advice which resulted in a diagnosis and a subsequent support plan for school. The relief was amazing and just to know that Mig is there has given me the confidence to speak forward for my child in difficult situations, and to look at things logically without the emotion.

'I would like to say a huge thank you to The Salvesen Mindroom Centre – who are amazing – and to Mig, who came to our house, is at the end of the phone and only ever an email click away. My son is still struggling, but there is hope for us now that we are educated about the rights for children. It has been such a relief.'

* Case studies are used with permission, although names have been changed to protect identities.