It’s been a busy month for Salvesen Mindroom Centre as the team have been planning the charity’s strategic direction for the next 5 years. I wanted to take this opportunity to first thank them for all their hard work and commitment to a plan that has me excited and geared up for what’s ahead of us. With our recent Annual General Meeting, it’s brilliant to hear that our trustees share this excitement towards our long-term goals.

Post-election momentum

Conveniently, our planning has come at the same time as the recent Scottish elections. Since my last post, the votes have been counted and I look forward to working with the newly elected MSPs to continue raising awareness and lobbying on behalf of the children and young people we work with every day.

It’s particularly encouraging to see that the largest party has pledged to introduce a new Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodiversity Commissioner. With champions for the families we support within some of the buildings that matter, we are one step closer to our mission.  

Creating a world in which no mind is left behind

Our mission is at the heart of everything we do, and this is reflected in our new 5-year plan. Much like we have been doing over the past year, we will be further increasing our commitment to neurodiversity. From now on, we want to spread the word about the inclusiveness of neurodiversity, and  this will be shaping much of our coming work and the way we talk about and represent a wide range of learning difficulties.

Although our 5-year strategy has not been published just yet, I can give you an idea of what to expect.

Our strategic framework 2021 – 2026

Not only do we want to increase the awareness of, and support for neurodiversity in society, we also want to be recognised as the leading charity on neurodiversity in Scotland. I believe it’s an achievable position. We’re confident in our abilities thanks to a diverse and skilled team of professionals and partnerships, a brand that is going from strength to strength, a strong reputation and our recent enhancements in digital capabilities. Above this, our sights are set on international recognition. This will largely be through our continued research in partnership with Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre. We also continue to push the boundaries of awareness and understanding in our conferences – the next of which is being planned for 2023.

Looking forward, you can expect service development and expansion, continued lobbying, a programme of training, youth-led development, participation projects and more as we bring the spotlight on neurodiversity.

With the final tweaks to our strategic plan taking place right now, we’ll be able to share this with you very shortly on our website. Keep an eye out on social media where we’ll post when it’s available.

In 5 years’ time, I hope to look back at it and celebrate how far we have come.


Alyson Miller

Chief Executive Officer