Summer 2022 Neurodiversity Training Programme

We want to help more people increase their skills, knowledge and confidence when supporting neurodivergent children and young people, including those who may have learning difficulties. We do this by providing a range of training resources and events.

If you’d like to talk to us about your training needs, please contact or call 0131 370 6730. Our training is delivered by staff with lived experience of neurodiversity.

Request a Training Session

We can provide a Train the Trainer session based on our 5 It takes all kinds of minds films:

A close up of Amber, a young girl with purple glasses


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A close up of Daniel, a young boy with freckles


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A close up of Own, a young boy


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Other topics include GIRFEC; rights, roles and responsibilities and raising awareness about our support and services.

You can watch our webinar with GTCS about supporting children with learning difficulties in the classroom.


We’ve created digital learning resources to help you use our Future Me Workbook in your own practice and give an insight into how Building Effective Relationships can help children and young people thrive at school.


Future Me Workbook

Our practical resource contains helpful guidance and activities to support young people with their transition from school.

Building Effective Relationships

Our publication provides tips and advice on how to strengthen communication between professionals, parents, children and young people.

Our next training session

Neurodiversity and why it matters

We’re always updating our information, so keep a look out for our latest training resources.
Contact or call 0131 370 6730 if you’d like to talk to us about your training needs.