Transitions Service

Our Transitions Service works with young people approaching the transition from high school into adult life through 1-to-1 support over a period of half a school year. Support is normally offered in partnership with schools but can also be offered in the home or community settings where this is more appropriate. The service is delivered by members of Mindroom staff or fully trained volunteers, all of whom are PVG registered.

Using our resource ‘Future Me’, we support young people to develop a clearer idea of what they want for themselves, improve their self-esteem, and become confident in choosing and taking their next steps.

Young people also have the option to undertake an SQA Employability Award at SCQF Level 3 or 4 where appropriate.

The Transitions Service provides support to young people who satisfy the following 3 criteria:

🗸 Aged 14-18
🗸 Neurodivergent (no diagnosis needed)
🗸 Care experienced*, or on the edges of care*

*See definitions below

Interested in our Transitions Service?

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Our transitions service is fully funded by the Scottish Government through The Promise and so is provided free of charge.

“Care experienced”

Examples of circumstances where a child or young person can be care experienced include current or past experience of:

○ Having a compulsory supervision order, including whilst still living with one or both parents.

○ Being cared for by family members who aren’t their parents (kinship care). This can be a formal or an informal arrangement.

○ Having care in a different family, such as in a foster placement

○ Having care outwith a family, such as residential care (including residential schooling) or secure care.

“On the edges of care”

There is no formal definition of the edges of care so for the purposes of this service we interpret it as including a child or young person whose family has received additional support from the local authority or the third sector. This includes, but is not limited to, a child who has either current or past experience of

○ Being considered at risk of being taken into care, either voluntarily or through legal proceedings

○ Trauma

○ Adversity