It takes all kinds of minds

Five families gave us an insight into a range of common learning difficulties. Each share
their strengths and the day-to-day challenges that they experience.

A close up of Own, a young boy

Meet Owen

Tourette syndrome

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A close up of Estella, a young girl with blue, fluffy earrings

Meet Estella


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A close up of Amber, a young girl with purple glasses

Meet Amber


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A close up of Daniel, a young boy with freckles

Meet Daniel


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A close up of Jennifer, a young, smiling girl

Meet Jennifer


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Learning About Neurodiversity at School (LEANS) & LEANS-C

Salvesen Mindroom Centre is a proud partner in LEANS – Learning About Neurodiversity at School.

It’s a free curriculum for mainstream primary schools to introduce pupils aged 8-11 years to the concept of neurodiversity, and how it impacts our experiences at school.

To view or download the resources, and find out more about the project including how it was developed and evaluated visit the LEANS webpage.

LEANS-C is about creating a LEANS Community. We want to enable the parents and carers of neurodivergent children to be aware of LEANS, so they can introduce the LEANS programme to their child’s school if they feel that would be right for them. Resources for parents and carers to help them have that conversation with their child’s school are available.

Visit LEANS-C resources

Moving Schools Toolkit for Children & Young People

Moving school is a significant transition for any child, but particularly those who are neurodivergent. We have created our Moving Schools toolkit to help children prepare for this transition and share their views about it with the adults around them.

Moving Schools Toolkit

Moving Schools Toolkit for Parents & Carers

We have compiled some top tips for parents and carers based on feedback they gave us about their main concerns around their child moving school.

Moving Schools for Parents & Carers

Our current resources

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Back to School toolkit

Any interruption to education is particularly difficult for children and young people with learning difficulties. We created our Back to School toolkit to give families and teachers resources to support children to get back into their education.

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Our Jargon Buster


    We carry out and promote our studies into some of the biggest issues affecting children and young people with learning difficulties and their families.

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