We will

  • Listen to you
  • Be understanding
  • Put you first

We will NOT

  • Judge you
  • Make promises we can’t keep
  • Take other people’s sides

How we can help

A young person with braces sitting at a table on the phone and smiling

Advice and support

Whether you’ve got an issue about education, health or social work, we can help you to understand your rights.

A young person and a child playing with a small chalkboard together


We will help you share your views about decisions involving your life and let people know what support you need.

A young woman at her school desk looking off camera


We can help you make decisions and plan for leaving school and moving into adulthood.

How to get in touch

We’re here to listen, so if you would like to talk to one of our friendly team members, contact us at directhelp@mindroom.org or call 0131 370 6730 if you have a question or want to ask for direct help and support.

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How we’ve helped others


We’ve got lots of advice and helpful resources, created especially for you.

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