Salvesen Mindroom Centre Ambassador, Eileen Hogan, has been commissioned to paint the Coronation Service for Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort from within Westminster Abbey. Eileen is the first woman to have been appointed to this role.

Eileen is Emeritus Professor at the University of the Arts London, a Trustee of the Royal Drawing School, and has previously supported ‘The Last of the Tide: Portraits of D-Day Veterans (2015)’ and contributed to ‘Prince and Patron’ (2018). She will produce a series of ten small paintings from inside Westminster Abbey, some of which may later be worked up into larger paintings.

When asked about her approach to capturing the Coronation, Eileen said, “Why paint the Coronation when the ceremony will be filmed and photographed from all angles? Painting lends itself to nuance and layering, the result of a human being making expressive marks. My challenge is to negotiate a painterly relationship with this highly historical, concentrated event and the key players within it in my own language whilst being true to the occasion.”

Everyone at Salvesen Mindroom Centre congratulates Eileen on this incredible achievement. We look forward to seeing her beautiful paintings and are thrilled to see her have such a important role in this historic event.