We are proud to launch a collection of resources for parents and carers to help spread the word about LEANS. LEANS (Learning about neurodiversity at school) is a free programme for mainstream primary schools to introduce pupils aged 8-11 years to the concept of neurodiversity, and how it impacts our experiences at school. We know from our many conversations with families, that there is a real need for more schools to be aware of neurodiversity and to find better ways to support neurodivergent pupils. LEANS provides a fantastic opportunity to start raising awareness from an early age and it could make a huge difference to improving life at school for many children.

So, we have developed a programme called LEANS-C, which includes everything parents and carers might need to begin that conversation with their child’s school. There is an email template, a fact sheet and an information leaflet for schools. And, because LEANS–C is about creating a LEANS Community, you can also find out about our champions programme for educators.

Discover our LEANS-C resources

Learn more about LEANS at the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre’s website.