Backstage in Biscuitland!


Mindroom are now official sponsors of this exciting one woman show coming to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer.

We think it will be a big hit!

"Hi, I’m Jess, AKA Touretteshero, the world’s first fully-fledged Tourettes Superhero.

I’m getting in touch to invite you to come and see Backstage In Biscuit Land, my first ever Edinburgh Fringe show.

My mission is to celebrate the humour and creativity of one of the most frequently misunderstood conditions on the planet.

Having Tourettes means I say ‘biscuit’ 16,000 times a day, and makes me rubbish at playing I-Spy.

I’m neurologically incapable of staying on script. And that’s where the fun begins"...

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Read the interview with Jess Thom our Tourettes Hero in The Telegrah and The Guardian.