Future Me, My Digital Workbook

Transitioning from high school to post-secondary education, college or university, or the workforce can be a challenging time. It can be challenging for you, and also for the parents, carers and professionals supporting you.

We’ve created an interactive resource to support you as you approach the end of your time at school. It will help you to reflect on your skills and interests and formulate ideas on what you want next for yourself. All young people have the right to be involved in decisions that are made about them, this is a part of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and this resource helps to ensure that your views are incorporated in plans for your transition from school.

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We highly recommend that you have a trusted adult to accompany you when you use this resource.

Also, we’re always on hand to help. If you have any questions on this resource, or if you’re an adult interested in our training options on how best to accompany a young person who is using it, please email us at directhelp@mindroom.org or call us on 0131 370 6730.

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Future Me, My Digital Workbook

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A note to parents, carers and professionals

A key factor in the thinking behind Future Me, My Digital Workbook is the understanding that every one of us is a uniquely gifted individual. It is important to accept young people exactly as they are; recognising that they’re doing the best they can with the resources available to them, even when they encounter obstacles along the way. We believe that young people are helped most when we adopt a non-judgmental approach and do not make assumptions about them.

This resource utilises a positive person-centred approach, moving away from a needs or deficit-based model. This is not a passive, or ‘anything goes’ way of supporting someone. It is also about wanting more for them, recognising we all have gifts that are undeveloped. The activities encourage a young person to identify and focus on their strengths, then consider how they wish to use these to move closer towards their dream future. Having done this, Future Me, My Digital Workbook aims to help a young person with learning difficulties to contribute their own voice to their transition plan – it is not in itself a transition planning tool.

What does this resource cover?

  • Setting the Scene
  • My World
  • My Skills
  • My Qualities
  • My Career Plan
  • My Education & Training
  • My Independent Living Skills
  • Legal Matters
  • My Money
  • My Travel
  • Moving On
  • Summary

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