Just knowing that there is someone who cares and understands can be the first step towards improving the lives of those affected by learning difficulties.

Who we are:
• We offer practical and emotional support to parents and carers of children and young people up to the age of 25 years with learning difficulties.
• We provide a range of services to professionals, including advice, information and support and training workshops. 
• Our team is experienced in a range of disciplines including health, education and social work.

What we provide:
• Information and advice regarding difficulties with learning including specific conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, autism spectrum and related mental health and wellbeing issues.
• Guidance on rights and responsibilities ensuring access to education.

How we work:
• We strive to work closely with a range of professionals to build a network of support around the family.
• We keep the child/young person at the centre of everything we do. 
• Our work is underpinned by Scottish Government legislation, policies and procedures, including GIRFEC (Getting It Right for Every Child) as well as the UNCRC.
• We empower parents and carers by ensuring they are prepared for meetings and have clear expectations of their desired outcomes.  

What can you expect from our service:
• At our initial contact we identify key concerns which will form the basis of our support.
• We follow up the initial call with an email summary detailing the nature of our involvement.
• We provide support by phone and email, and attendance at meetings (under specific circumstances).
• Once we have progressed matters as far as possible our role will come to an end. 
• Should further issues arise and you require our support again in the future, you can make contact at any time.  Please be aware that if you do, there may be a waiting list.