Salvesen Mindroom Centre produces
freely available resources for parents and professionals that can be downloaded. Alternatively, for printed versions of our publications, just email us.

Back to School Toolkit

Everyone with school-age children, or working in education, has concerns and questions about when and how we will return to schools-based education. With the help of key collaborators including parents and teachers, we have produced a Back to School Toolkit that, we believe, has something to help everyone to be ready for schools reopening.

Telephone Helpline Essentials

We have written this short guide to offer some tips about providing telephone support and advice. Throughout, we share practical examples from our experience. Finally, there is a case example to show how it can
all work in practice.

Building Effective Relationships

We’ve produced a new resource called Building Effective Relationships to help young people, families and teachers work together so children with learning difficulties can thrive at school. We hope it will spark a conversation – and would love to hear your thoughts. Email or complete our feedback form.

Introducing... the new Salvesen Mindroom Centre app

We're very excited to tell you about our new digital resource, the Salvesen Mindroom Centre app.

It's a free Android app that gives users a breadth of information about learning difficulties, and was developed with the outstanding support of our volunteer, Jorge Correia.

The app contains our 5-star recommended resources, including It Takes All Kinds of Minds, Essential Rights Guide and Top 10 Tips, as well as out interactive learning session with General Teaching Scotland.

The Salvesen Mindroom Centre app aims to increase awareness and understanding of learning difficulties by reaching more users. To download, visit Google Play on your android device - and do let us know what you think.

Meet... our film stars

We've created five films about learning difficulties. Click on an image to learn about the unique strengths of each young person, the challenges they face and five things that can help support them.






Tourette syndrome



These films have been created by the Salvesen Mindroom Centre, along with Amber, Dan, Estella, Jennifer, Owen and their parents to help raise awareness and understanding about learning difficulties. You may watch the films for your own personal use, and may share the link to the films via your own social media, but the films cannot be used in any public setting without the prior consent of the Salvesen Mindroom Centre. If you would like to discuss sharing the films publicly, please contact


Film production guide

We've created a film production guide with Daysix, the creative agency that helped us make our own films. It's full of helpful advice about working with children and young people with learning difficulties, and will guide other filmmakers through the process - and other creative enterprises too.


It takes all kinds of minds

This leaflet was written by the Salvesen Mindroom Centre, and provides an insight to a range of learning difficulties, including:

  • Information about learning difficulties
  • Facts about some more common conditions associated with learning difficulties
  • Examples of how we can make simple changes to support people with learning difficulties reach their potential








Tourette syndrome





Essential rights guide

If you’re the parent or carer of a child with learning difficulties, this specially produced guide provides all the essential information you need to guide them through life. What to do? Where to go? Who to listen to? Who not to listen to? And what rights does your child have to ensure they have a decent start to life in today’s society?

Top 10 tips

Introducing our new resource for parents and carers, we have brought together our  “Top 10 Tips” for coping with some of the issues that parents and carers will encounter supporting a child with learning difficulties.  We hope it is a useful starting point on your journey. 



Positive engagement with and for families of children with learning difficulties.

Nell and Dinah from our Direct Help and Support team gave a workshop at the national STEP teachers’ Conference in Stirling. We spoke from our experience of supporting parents and carers, and suggested ways for professionals to achieve positive engagement.

GTCS Webinar

Head of Direct Help and Support at the Salvesen Mindroom Centre, Mig Coupe, delivered a session with GTCS Chief Executive Ken Muir the host. The webinar aims to support education staff to develop their understanding of a number of learning difficulties, and to identify those difficulties within the classroom. Also to develop knowledge and ideas about how to support children and young people experiencing these learning difficulties.

Download the webinar here.

**Please note there was a slight technical fault with the slides, the issue resolved itself during the presentation.


Feedback about our resources

If you have accessed our resources, we would like to ask for your views. You can find our resources feedback form here. It should take around 5 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. Your views will help us to improve the resources we provide and will give us the opportunity to tell others about its impact. If we can show the value of our work to funders this helps us to keep providing a free service.