The Salvesen Mindrooom Centre produces freely available resources for parents and professionals that can be downloaded. Alternatively, for printed versions of our publications, just email us.

It takes all kinds of minds

This leaflet was written by The Salvesen Mindroom Centre. Our booklet provides an insight to a range of learning difficulties. In this guide you will find:

  • Information about learning difficulties.
  • Facts about some of the more common conditions that are associated with learning difficulties.
  • Examples of how we can each make simple changes to support people with learning difficulties to reach their potential.






Tourette syndrome


Your essential rights

If you’re the parent or carer of a child with learning difficulties, this specially produced guide provides all the essential information you need to guide them through life. What to do? Where to go? Who to listen to? Who not to listen to? And what rights does your child have to ensure they have a decent start to life in today’s society?

Top 10 tips

Introducing our new resource for parents and carers, we have brought together our  “Top 10 Tips” for coping with some of the issues that parents and carers will encounter supporting a child with learning difficulties.  We hope it is a useful starting point on your journey.