How did we help?


A member of our team, Greg, was there to listen to Aahil’s family, something they really needed at the time. He offered advice as they began communicating with their school to get additional support.


Greg provided resources that allowed Aahil to let the school staff know what he needed and his additional support needs.


Greg helped Aahil’s family prepare for meetings with his school so that they felt more confident and knowledgeable when they were discussing their concerns.

What happened?

A plan was put in place at school to ensure that Aahil was adequately supported. Aahil was encouraged by school staff to understand the support available to him and to request this whenever he needed it.

The future

Aisha felt that sufficient support was now in place and her son could continue learning and fulfilling his potential. Aahil now feels more comfortable having a say in the support he needs.

Why is Aahil’s case important?

  • Aahil was at a critical time in his school career and was not being supported as his classmates made choices about their future.
  • He was not being given the opportunity to voice his own opinions about the support he required.
  • The family now have the necessary skills to communicate effectively with professionals.