How did we help?


A member of our team, Laura, met with Ash to develop a working relationship based on trust. They started feeling more comfortable sharing their views about school and the support they feel they need in relation to education and mental health. Laura joined Ash at meetings with their school and the Local Authority, communicating Ash’s views and needs on their behalf.


With Ash’s consent, Laura shared information with CAMHS ahead of their appointments.


Laura helped Ash prepare for their CAMHS appointment. They created notes together about what they wanted to say, preparing questions and building their confidence.

What happened?

The school and Local Authority created a bespoke support plan which fully considered Ash’s views and needs. They were able to begin to return to education with individualised support and now felt confident enough to clearly communicate their views and needs to CAMHS directly. The school listened to Ash and was able to consider appropriate direct interventions.

The future

Ash had increased confidence that their mental health could improve now they had the right support. They have started to rebuild their trust in professionals.

Why is Ash’s case important?

  • Ash has a legal right to an education. They are also entitled to appropriate support to meet their additional support needs.
  • The bespoke education provision identified enabled Ash's Local Authority to fulfil their obligations and allowed Ash to exercise these rights.
  • Ash has a right to have their views heard in decision making about their life. Through support from the Children and Young People’s Service and Salvesen Mindroom Centre, they were able to exercise this right.