Mindroom is a small Scottish charity with a big vision - to ensure that by 2020, every child and adult with learning difficulties in this country will receive the recognition and help they need.

Why? Quite simply because it is so vitally important. Our society still seems to have a blind spot towards people with different needs. However, there are at least five children with some form of learning difficulty in every school class in Scotland and across the UK. And these children will grow up to become adults with learning difficulties. In short, if not properly identified and accommodated, learning difficulties will become the big public health problem of our time.

It doesn’t have to be that way and today, at Mindroom, we’re at the forefront of change. With the help of valued supporters and donors, we will achieve our 2020 vision – by offering direct help and support, arranging high-profile conferences and collaborating with others to create multi-disciplinary diagnostic centres.

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